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STOPFOP Recruiting Paused

The STOPFOP team recently announced that enrollment for our clinical trial had started. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, we have no choice but to postpone inclusions.


Several participating hospitals, and many centers with them, have decided to dedicate all facilities to fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. All non-acute care is suspended. Therefore, practical execution of the study is currently impossible. Furthermore, the vulnerable FOP community would be exposed to additional travel and hospital contacts that might increase their risk of infection.

We hope for understanding in this extraordinary situation. To help stay safe, we would recommend all FOP-families to follow these guidelines and keep up to date on the CDC website.

Patients or caregivers can contact us through the contact form. The STOPFOP team will continue to answer questions and register interest in the study. We hope to be able to restart inclusions soon and help the FOP community forward again. 


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